Sunday, March 24, 2019

Warning About Medical Grade Sheepskin VS Synthetic and Common White Sheepskin

A Consumer Warning About White Sheepskin And Synthetics Sold Online As Medical Grade.


Australian Sheepskin Apparel (ASA) have just announced its new endeavor, to take on online store sellers on Amazon, Alibaba and Etsy selling white or cream sheepskin or synthetic rugs as medical grade. Premiering their own brand of genuine medical grade green Merino sheepskin and its high temperature medical sheepskin product line. This is great news for all pressure wound patients and the medical professionals treating them. This is important information for anyone looking for an authentic and certified AS4480.1, high temperature washable, green medical grade sheepskin.

Australian Sheepskin Apparel (ASA) is a unique medical grade sheepskin supply company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. ASA has decided to make a real push to be known for its genuine high temperature medical grade sheepskin products and become the number one choice worldwide for bedsore sufferers searching for a medically certified high temperature washable medical sheepskin – who may be thinking about choosing other sheepskin sellers online instead.

Stephen Playford, CEO and founder of ASA, says: "We want to give our audience the experience of how easy authentic high temperature washable medical sheepskin is to maintain and care for." The company is now making a bit of a noise about it. Playford says it’s time to clear the doctor and patient confusion about certified AS4480.1 green medical sheepskin and needs to be addressed.

ASA has tried to separate itself from the online competition since its inception. The company is striving to do better than other sheepskin supply stores by interacting with their audience via informational videos on YouTube. Working to help educate patients and medical professionals how genuine green medical grade sheepskin stands up against common white sheepskin sold online posing as medical grade. These videos have helped many people learn more about certified AS4480.1 medical grade sheepskin. The company is also helping people directly online with wound care issues. These communication channels are some of the new endeavors Australian Sheepskin Apparel has implemented to help others and be outstanding in the industry.

Test Case Studies For Certified AS4480.1 Medical Grade Sheepskin

Stephen Playford is very pleased to be the only supplier and manufacturer of all certified medical grade green sheepskin products in North America. From medical bed pads to medical sheepskin boots and slippers, various medical device accessories, and supplying all areas of preventative medicine where bed sores and pressure ulcers are an issue. Numerous medical journal studies have been published on the certified medical grade green sheepskin AS4480.1 for wound prevention with incredible results.

(See a multilevel analysis of three randomized controlled trials of the Australian Medical Sheepskin in the prevention of sacral pressure ulcers)

(BCM Health Services Research, Study protocol Cost-effectiveness of the Australian Medical Sheepskin for the prevention of pressure ulcers in somatic nursing home patients)  

Further, Australian Sheepskin Apparel is the first company in the world to develop and copyright the certified AS4480.1 green medical sheepskin wound dressing (Sheepzorb™) for wound treatment of all wound types, regardless of the cause. People who have used the certified AS4480.1 ASA Sheepzorb™ products keep coming back when required or to help others.



Why Buy A Certified AS4480.1 Medical Grade Sheepskin?

Stephen Playford also said: “While ASA might not be the first of its kind in the world doing this, I’m extremely confident we do it the best and so I expect bed sore sufferers and other patients will continue to use our premium products over inferior synthetics and common sheepskin sellers online. Our certified AS4480.1 green medical sheepskin is specifically tanned to be easy to wash in the machine at high temperature and tumble dry at moderate to low temperature at home. It will hold its shape for years and not shrink and crinkle like other natural or synthetic sheepskins sold online today."

This announcement is a great opportunity for folks who need an authentic certified AS4480.1 green medical grade sheepskin to be well informed. So, the call goes out to new and existing customers, who can expect and enjoy the best medical sheepskin on the market today with the smoothest online buying experience possible.

About Australian Sheepskin Apparel:
Australian Sheepskin Apparel is a company serving the medical industry for more than 20 years by providing the highest quality sheepskin apparel. Their goal is to provide the comfort needs of customers no matter they may be.  Sheepskin is one of the world’s best natural insulators, and Australian Sheepskin Apparel serves as one of the leading stores to get them.


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Media Contact:
Company Name: Australian Sheepskin Apparel
Contact Person: Stephen Playford
Email: australiansheepskinapparel @
Phone: +1-306-934-7119
Address: 526A 45th Street
City: Saskatoon
State: Saskatchewan S7K 0W2
Country: Canada



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